Why blogging?

This the first blog i am writing in my life. To be really frank, I don’t think I ever really had any writing skills whatsoever. For the years I have been actively using the internet, the idea of writing a blog never really occurred to me. Being a part of social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, gave me enough opportunities to express myself and thus satisfied whatever little need I felt to express myself and “get it out of my system” so to speak. Then came my IAC moment when Anna with his 5 day fast in April 2011 took the entire nation by storm for the first time. The arrival of India Against Corruption on the national stage somehow re kindled my interest in politics and along with it, came the urge to comment on it.

I have always been interested in politics. It was however more driven by my disgust for politicians, their crooked ways and a strong urge to extract some kind of revenge for the way they have been screwing around with the country, than doing something constructive myself. Arrival of IAC lent a direction to my emotion of pure anger. My interest in politics, issues of governance increased greatly and I seriously started thinking on the problems I used to read about in the news papers. This was the first time a had actually looked at a public problem with an intention of solving it. As time passed like every other Indian, I started asserting my opinion on each of those issues. Thus the need to express myself increased gradually. Slowly and unknowingly I started thinking on political issues more like a student. I met a few friends along the way, some significantly more read, more mature and knowledgeable than me. Discussing various issues with them not only offered a new insight but more importantly helped me learn and understand many new things. (for eg. The problems with our electoral system and the need to replace it with proportional representation)

Thus over a period of two years the dynamics of my relationship with politics changed considerably. I was no more an angry young Indian, who was filled with emotions of anger and frustration towards entire political class. I had now seriously started thinking towards finding solutions. I am not saying that I don’t descend back into my earlier self. I have my moments. But I can certainly say that I look to play a constructive role somehow.

Before you assume anything let me clarify that my actual work on ground for IAC/AAP has been negligible. I have been active on social media for the movement for a long time now, but there are hundreds and thousands who have contributed more. Somehow my education always came in my way.
In the process I got introduced to some people who served as my teachers of sorts. One of them was an investment banker and other was an ex-IAS officer who had served in the topmost echelons of the establishment. I must say my understanding of what a ‘good policy’ is grew by leaps and bounds. I even read blogs, and some literature in the process.

Now I realised a marked change in the nature of my debates. I no more got into arguments that involved plain emotions. I started making some independent analyses of my own and that helped me a lot in formulating opinions.
The first thought of writing a blog came a few months ago when I realised that since my knowledge of public policy was limited, i had to keep re-writing stuff I had already written someplace else and at some other time. As I have always been a lazy person I just realised that penning down my thoughts on some contentious political or policy decisions would help me as I could now simply paste the link of the blog post where I had elaborated my thoughts on a certain issue, instead of having to type the same argument again and again. (:-P) During the course of my activity on twitter I came across a couple of blogs that BJP sympathisers had written. AAP seemed like their pet peeve. Most of them use pathetic logic to try and explain why people should vote for BJP over AAP. One may almost feel that Congress is not their ‘opposition’ anymore. Everyone seems to come together when AAP comes into the picture. Anyways, exposing the logical fallacies of their idiotic reasoning is something I am going to do here.

This is probably the first and the last time, I write about ‘me’. The next blog post is coming soon and I decided to put this up so that I get some time to do a bit of research on it. I will try and keep my posts as scientific as possible. Until then,

Good bye 🙂